Original and favorite music from nursery rhymes to old time favorites.
Songs that tell a story, and that the audience adds to with rhythm instruments.

Featuring original songs like " Read a Book" and "Season Song" from Ruth's Compact Disc recording .

For all ages; children's programs a specialty.

Seasonal and other thematic programs such as nature, travel, and songs from America's Past are also available.

Acoustic music with attitude

Originals and favorites, old songs and new,
some funny, some forgotten, some that bring tears,
some that bring cheer.

For all ages, folk, country, rock, Irish, and others that are hard to tell...

Ruth O'Neil and Jim Hammitt

Songs to lighten your day, songs to make you think -- Lively folk, country, rock, originals and favorites.

From quiet to rowdy, it's all fun
New & thoughtful versions of familiar contemporary and traditional music.

For all ages, sing-a-longs, folk, country, blues and more.

For all ages!

Try out and play
the  typical instruments of a 
Jug Band. Learn about its history and fun songs from past to present.