The Song-a-Day Music Center is pleased to be an affiliate of

Bring in your used musical instruments: vintage guitars, drums, keyboards, amplifiers, violins, band instruments. The experts from will appraise your instrument and will pay you if you wish to sell them.

There are a lot of people who need money, and sitting in the attic or basement is an old guitar, banjo, violin, or what-have-you, that is just taking up space. We have people who are looking for these and other items! People have musical instruments in the back of their closets that have been sitting there for decades. Many times a person has good intentions to learn an instrument. They purchase it and give it up after a few lessons. It then sits in the closet for years and unfortunately never gets the attention it needs.

If you have such an instrument, and don't want the hassle of selling it yourself, bring it in and we'll give you a price for it. Or click on the link below and request an appraisal from!
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